"Keltec along with HPTec tools have played a major role in the success of our company.

Keltec’s knowledgeable sales and applications staff understand the trends and future of this industry. Our partnership with Keltec has enabled our company to maintain the responsiveness and quality that our customers have come to expect."

John C

Drilling and Fabrication Manager
15 years experience.

"I’ve been in the PCB business for quite some time now and having used almost every manufacturers drills and routers, I feel privileged to say how outstanding the HP Tec tools perform. If you are looking for uncompromised quality take a look at their entire line of tools. I’ve never been disappointed with “any” of their drills, router or specialty tools. HP Tec is always on the cutting edge of perfection. To put it plain and simple, why would you settle for a Chevy when you could have a Lexus."

Process Engineer
Southern California

"I travel the world with the PCB industry and I have used every drill supplier’s tools available, but no matter what country I’m in, HP Tec drills and routers are always accepted as the best in the world."

Product Manger
Shenzhen China

"The team of Keltec/HPTec is unbeatable! We have been in business for over 20 years and no tool supplier has come close to the quality and lifespan we achieve with the HPTEC tools. When we require technical support we call Keltec applications support directly on their cell phone for instant response. In today’s market we cannot wait three hours for our vendors to respond to our needs."

New Hampshire

"Do yourself a favor and try HPTec tools in your process. Their tools have saved our company a fortune on high tech products, which we cannot successfully drill with other tool supplier’s microdrills. Keltec’s service is unmatched."

Drill Engineer

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